We are Leader in Information Security Awareness, delivering the best services via our training, conferences and consultancy.

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About Us !

ShadowSEC is a company focused on the Infosec Market, iGRC, Information Security and Cybersecurity. Our business is dedicated to sharing of knowledge with our customers and partners enabling us to improve the future of cyber security.
Our commitment is to professionalism in the context of training courses, thereby enabling businesses to maximise their skills in this field and provide employees with excellent opportunities for professional development and growth.


We got a great experience in...

Here are some of many areas we are excellent in and in which we have many experience.

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    Information Security Awareness
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    Training & Education
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    Consultancy &
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    Security Products
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    Audit & Implementation
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Our Values

To facilitate the transfer of Knowledge and skills; from our team of professionals and partners via our training, conferences and consultancy services in Information Security, iGRC and Cyber Security.

Our vision is to increase and reinforce the importance of Cyber Security, by enabling business to have a deeper understanding and awareness of the issues, concerns, policies and measures needed in this area, so that they can adequately plan to address these.

To constantly provide excellent quality in our Training Courses, Conferences and Consultancy Services that are tailored to the needs of specific companies, services and industries.

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